The name Elara connotes astronomy and Greek mythology, and its geometric design mimicks the trajectory of the planets within the universe. Inspired by astral motion, the lamp is characterised by two metal rings, one of which can be set at various angles to produce fluidity and movement, as well as a small sphere at the bottom of the lamp that contains the light source.

The light source emits a glow that can illuminate an entire room. Additionally, users can direct the bi-emission sphere – up or down – according to the need for light. The two sources have different light emissions: 2100 lumens and 800 lumens for the 2700 K version or 2260 lumens and 845 lumens for the 3000 K. 

The central ring can be positioned to reach different heights and angles, allowing users to experiment with casting light and shadows. 

Elara features a dimmer controlled with the wall-mounted power switch, allowing users to modulate the intensity of the light to create their ideal lighting scheme. 

Available in two sizes, medium (Ø60 cm) and large (Ø 80cm), Elara suits a range of environments, such as over a dining table in a residential setting, or as part of a larger installation in public spaces like a hotel lounge or restaurant.

Ø60cm X H400cm

Ø80cm X H400cm