With its lowered height, the Link table creates the perfect dining area in any outdoor, residential or contract space.
The iconic element is the connecting bracket between the leg and the top, a structural element that gives solidity, unmistakably connoting the aesthetics of the table.
Available in a fixed and extendible version, Link manages to interpret always different moods, either of natural inspiration, inside gardens or terraces overlooking the sea, or more urban, in verandas and décor of city clubs.

W160cm X D90cm X H66cm

W200cm X D100cm X H66cm

W220cm X D120cm X H66cm

W240cm X D100cm X H66cm

W280cm X D120cm X H66cm

Ø130cm X H66cm

Ø140cm X H66cm

Ø150cm X H66cm

Ø160cm X H66cm