Aesthetics and practicality meet.

The extendable table of the Link collection, with a massive and at the same time minimal structure, finds space in different outdoor contexts in terms of conformation and stylistic intonation.

Versatile, thanks to its different sizes, it fits perfectly into gardens, terraces, verandas or refined locations.

W160(205)cm X D90cm X H72cm

W200(255)cm X D100cm X H72cm

W240(295)cm X D100cm X H72cm

W200(310)cm X D100cm X H72cm

W240(350)cm X D100cm X H72cm

W160(205)cm X D90cm X H66cm

W200(255)cm X D100cm X H66cm

W240(295)cm X D100cm X H66cm

W200(310)cm X D100cm X H66cm

W240(350)cm X D100cm X H66cm