Melting light series combine the centennial furniture production craftsmanship of Turri with unique modern eastern design style. As per the Moon light in 2016, the inspiration behind melting light series comes from a rosewood desk of Ming dynasty, which is made from a unique and delicate craft technique called “Guo Tui Luo Guo Zhang” . As a further evocation, the exterior part of the legs seems to be wrapped with soft materials. In the Melting Light series, modern design method and special craft technique offer a brand new interpretation of the architectonic Ming style desk. It picks up the implication beyond the simple shape, and replaces the wooden wrap with metal structure. Smooth structure and shapes are exalted, also thanks to the shining melting metal. The design is actually created in a modern aesthetic key with traditional taste, not totally vintage, and it shows the implicit eastern spirits.

W220cm X D63cm X H84cm W230cm X D67cm X H84cm