Laze Cabana (1) consists of a cabana frame with two mattresses with Cane-line Natté fabric and QuickDry Foam®, with a back of lava grey aluminum slats. Laze Cabana 1 comes with light grey curtains on the ceiling and both sides in Cane-line Natté fabric.

Laze is a cabana in a modern and extravagant design. Laze is designed with the intention to create the ultimate outdoor furniture for unwinding and relaxation. Made from hardwearing and high-quality materials, Laze is the perfect choice for hotels and resorts as well as a singular piece for a private residence, adding a safe haven to the outdoor space. With several add-ons, you can design the cabana exactly according to your needs. A highly comfortable cabana, with luxurious details and a timeless design.

Width: 207 cm | 82 inches 

Depth: 206 cm | 81 inches 

Height: 220 cm | 87 inches 

Seat height: 35 cm | 14 inches 

Weight: 252 kg | 556 lbs