The Traveller folding chair marks a significant trend towards more flexible furniture. Furniture, which does not dictate a specific area of use through its design, but can be placed both inside and out. The Traveller is build around an aluminium lightweight frame that folds easily. Just as functional is the quilted seat and back of Cane-line AirTouch and QuickDry® Foam, making cushions obsolete. This folding chair is great for urban areas where space could be limited; a rooftop or balcony or take it along to the park or beach. The Traveller is designed by two of Denmark’s most esteemed designers, Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD.

Width: 61 cm | 24 inches 

Depth: 72 cm | 28 inches 

Height: 78 cm | 31 inches 

Seat height: 42 cm | 17 inches 

Seat depth: 45 cm | 18 inches 

Weight: 6.5 kg | 14.33 lbs