Sense OUTDOOR is an elegant and sculptural lounge chair designed by the Danish duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD. Sense has a Scandinavian and transparent design that makes it beautiful from any angle. A comfy lounge chair with an organic shape developed in strong materials and weather-resistant Cane-line Weave® for warm and natural look. The lounge chair comes with comfy Cane-line AirTouch cushions with our innovative QuickDry & Airflow system, which ensures that your cushions are dry approximately 1 hour after a downpour.

Width: 80 cm | 32 inches 

Depth: 75 cm | 30 inches 

Height: 72 cm | 28 inches 

Seat height: 45 cm | 18 inches 

Armrest height: 63 cm | 25 inches 

Weight: 27.55 kg | 60.8 lbs