A-Tube Nano is a suspension lamps which interprets light in its simplest form by creating a thin luminous line in the living spaces. At the lower end of the lightweight aluminium structure, a transparent methacrylate diffuser houses an LED module whose light creates a soft, welcoming atmosphere. The three sizes and seven statement finishes allow to create clusters of evocative lighting. Black cable version now available.

The simple, linear, pin-like look of the A-Tube Nano suspension light is also highly sophisticated and effective. The lightweight aluminium structure with a 2 cm diameter delicately defines the atmosphere of the room in which it is featured. The small methacrylate diffuser highlights the linear look and lets the light create an accent in the living space. 

legantly suspended from the power cord, the quintessential simplicity of the line accentuates A-Tube’s intrinsic strength. This simplicity allows the creation of a wide variety of compositions thanks to the lamps’ three different sizes, small, medium and large and seven finishes, glossy (chrome, rose gold, gold and the new terra) or matte (white, black and champagne). 

The 3W LED source with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, fitted in a methacrylate diffuser, emanates a soft, warm light which highlights the natural colours of objects. On its own, A-Tube Nano guarantees excellent lighting over a table for two people and is also ideal for conjuring up an intimate conversation setting for romantic dinners. In canopy compositions, the different sizes and finishes leave a free rein for designing clusters and creating versatile and functional spaces.

Small: Ø2cm x H30cm

Medium: Ø2cm x H60cm

Large: Ø2cm x H100cm