Strong design and leading-edge technology come together in this family of lamps characterised by a convex lens that projects the LED light wherever its needed or most preferred, for a truly efficient and personalised result. Versatile and dynamic, either on the wall or ceiling in a variety of versions and finishes, Nautilus lamps satisfy a full range of lighting needs, whether functional or purely decorative, in both residential and professional contexts.

Nautilus is a versatile family of lamps characterised by their distinctly dynamic lighting effects. A strong and contemporary design that expresses all the potential of the LED light through convex glass lenses, which diffuse the direct LED light without any glare. The different versions allow lighting to be personalised in a broad variety of settings, offering a tailored response to the different needs of both residential and professional contexts. 

The wall version of Nautilus consists in a wall mount with two movable arms that support the light fixture with a diameter of 13 cm, each with a convex lens housing a 12W LED light. The lamp can be used as a single element to project direct light symmetrically in opposing directions. Alternatively, the mobility of the diffusers, which can be separated with an opening of up to 90° and rotated by 320°, allows the two light beams to be managed individually at will. A highly versatile and practical appliqué, which can be harmoniously inserted into any type of space also thanks to the broad range of available finishes.

Nautilus Mini is the compact version for wall applications. The light fixture with two 6W LED sources is distinguished by the possibility for inclination up to 90° and rotation up to 355°. Reduced size, high performance and flexibility make it especially practical both for singular use on smaller walls or in a series to furnish with plays of light. 

Light sources characterised by an essential yet sophisticated geometry, all Nautilus versions are available with a choice of LED light, either warm (2700K) or cold (3000K), with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, thus reflecting the natural colour of objects without distorting them. Designed to ensure the harmony of its formal relations and precision of its details, lamps in the Nautilus family combine versatility and elegance in a functional dialogue with the surrounding architecture.

Regular: W28.5cm (max) X D19cm (max) X H9cm

Mini: W8.5cm X D11.9cm X H8.5cm