In Sky-Fall, the traditional glass processing techniques embrace the most advanced LED technologies. The shape of Sky-Fall captures the imagination in its reminiscence of ancient decanters in precious blown glass. Its function amazes thanks to the innovative double 10 W LED source that diffuses direct and indirect light. Available in two sizes and in five finishes, Sky-Fall decorates both when it is on and when it is off.

Characterised by a light and sinuous shape, Sky-Fall is a suspension light in blown glass in which technological innovation combines with the timeless beauty of ancient glass processing technique. The graceful shape of Sky-Fall is enhanced by a thin metal frame. Its light, both direct and indirect, connects harmoniously with the different finishes of the diffuser. When it is on, Sky-Fall fascinates with its delicate transparencies; when off, it amazes with the reflections of its glossy surface, becoming a furnishing object with a striking effect.

Sky-Fall has a double light source, a double LED lens powered by the two support cables that pass through the diffuser. The 10 W LED placed in the lower lens projects direct light through a particular optical lens that removes the side glare. The second 10 W LED, inserted in the internal part of the lamp, creates an indirect light that enhances the elegance of the glass. The intensity of the light can be adjusted as desired thanks to the dimmer housed in the canopy. 

Sky-Fall is available in two sizes, 22 and 36 cm in diameter, and in five refined glossy finishes. Used by itself as an elegant and sophisticated illuminating object, it can give rise to truly impressive light compositions when used on a canopy. Perfect on the specially created linear canopy, Track Short and Track Long with three or five suspensions, it is versatile and adaptable to different types of domestic and public environments, from a kitchen top to a bar counter.

Medium - Ø22cm X D38cm X H400cm max

Large - Ø36cm X D52cm X H400cm max