Five perfect spheres floating in the air like gentle glass bubbles. Designed by Chia-Ying Lee, Random Solo revisits the concept of the Random suspension lamp by parting the original three-piece cluster and adding two new blown glass spheres. 

The five sizes and six different finishes available offer ample styling freedom, both as individually suspended light points and in light and lively combinations on clusters. The new fingerprint resistant frosted white finish magically changes the perception of the sphere and its volume, opening new opportunities for interior decoration.

With Random Solo, designer Chia-Ying Lee unleashes the individuality of Random’s spherical shapes, which now float like bubbles of light in their solitary beauty, and suggest new compositions of luminous harmonies. The versatility of the creative concept, with the rich choice of refined finishes, offers ample freedom to compose unique decorative lighting elements.

The perfection of the sphere becomes a light and original playful element available in five sizes, with diameters of 12, 14, 18, 23 and 28 cm. The LED light source, 1 W in the three smaller spheres and 3 W in the two larger spheres, is nearly concealed in a silicone housing at the top of the glass diffuser and illuminates the entire sphere evenly. For all spheres, the LED element can be selected in either a warmer (2700 K) or colder (3000 K) colour temperature*. The colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 faithfully returns the natural colour of the objects.

Random Solo can be used as a single element, suspended from a thin power cord, to create subtle light points in the space, or in multiple compositions on different canopies. The transparent glass, the new frosted white glass, and the four original metallic gradient finishes (chrome, gold, rose gold, glossy smoke) can be combined at will as in an enchanting play of luminous bubbles.

12 - W12cm X D12.7cm X H400cm max

14 - W14cm X D14.7cm X H400cm max

18 - W18cm X D18.7cm X H400cm max

23 - W23cm X D24.7cm X H400cm max

28 - W28cm X D29.7cm X H400cm max