With its retro flair, Nostalgia elegantly tells of ancient glass blowing practices in three sinuous forms that can be combined at will. The perfection of the glass, the innovative LED technology and six elegant finishes make Nostalgia an extremely contemporary and versatile lamp that lends itself to the creation of captivating atmospheres, whether on or off.

Elegant and delicate, Nostalgia is a suspension lamp with a distinctly retro style that interprets the concept of versatility from an entirely contemporary perspective. Thanks to the special workmanship of the blown glass, its discrete forms assume soft curves, made even more appealing by the different finishes, in a dialogue of fluid and vibrant reflections. 

With the three lamps in different shapes, small, medium and large with diameters 12.5, 20 and 28 cm, available in six finishes, Nostalgia allows the creation of a myriad of lighting solutions. Singularly to light up a table or offer a touch of sophistication and relaxation to the bedroom, in linear groups on a bench or peninsula, or composed in clusters to accentuate large living spaces with sophisticated scenic effects, Nostalgia allows one to play and furnish. 

Suspended from a power cord, Nostalgia diffuses a warm and soft light emitted by a 9W LED source. The colour rendering index (CRI) of 92 retains the true colour of objects. Nostalgia is a decorative element and high-performing set that seduces with the elegance of glass, conquers with the harmony of its proportions, and furnishes with personality and style.

Small - Ø12.5cm X H400cm (max)

Medium - Ø20cm X H400cm (max)

Large - Ø28cm X H400cm (max)