The round shape with a diameter of 12 cm is made of steel and available in seven finishes, including the new warm terra tone. A thin chrome-plated aluminium ring frames the glass convex lens which blends seamlessly into the rest of the surface. Compact and highly functional, Spider allows to direct its light simply by turning the diffuser 360° or by tilting it downwards up to 90°. Spider is suspended on a thin power cord and houses a 10W LED which can be chosen with warmer (2700K) or cooler (3000K) light colour temperature. The glass convex lens diffuses direct light with no glare. The colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 mirrors the true colour of objects without distorting them. 

Spider is an extremely versatile light which combines elegance and functionality. Used individually or in clusters, Spider blends seamlessly into any setting. With the radial cluster system from a single light source, multiple parts of a room can be illuminated by decentralising the band of light and directing each diffuser at will, offering ample opportunity for customisation.

Ø12cm X D10.2cm