With its soft shapes, flexible joints and LED light source, Puzzle Round can be adjusted at will to create striking light effects on walls and ceilings. The unobtrusive aesthetics and the four available finishes make it perfect for the most varied living contexts.

Geometric, soft and ductile forms transform light into a malleable essence to be diffused on the walls and ceiling. Puzzle Round allows the personalisation of internal lighting, adjusting it at will thanks to the structure fitted with flexible joints, allowing the lamp to be tilted by 85° and rotated up to 355°. Housing a LED light inside, Puzzle Round allows the development of ever-changing plays of light, which are doubled in the Double Round version. Champagne, matte white, coppery bronze and matte black are the finishes proposed for this simple and versatile lamp, capable of offering surprising light effects in any type of space. 

Made in aluminium, the Puzzle Round structure has a diameter of 19 cm. The light source uses a 15W LED light (2 × 15W in the double version) with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 92, ensuring a faithful reproduction of colours. Diffuses an indirect light, either warmer, 2700K, or cooler, 3000K. Whether in a small room or passageway such as a corridor or foyer, the incredible flexibility distinguishing Puzzle Round enhances its surrounds, expressing the creative potential of light in any context.

Single - Ø19cm X D7.5cm

Double - Ø37.5cm X D11.5cm