Frozen is a lamp with a minimalist design that seems to blend in with the ceiling. From the thin painted steel frame, crystal lenses set like gems diffuse a harmonious direct light that gives life to the environment.

Lightness and clean lines are combined in this ceiling light with an understated design. Frozen expresses the strength of its simplicity through the light fixtures embedded in the slim, painted steel structure.

The two sizes, which can be used individually or freely grouped together, allow the creation of lighting solutions for any setting. The reduced thickness, just 4.3 cm, means it is ideal when the ceiling height is limited. Available in two finishes—matte white and coppery bronze—Frozen creates a balanced atmosphere in which other light fixtures from the collection can be inserted. 

Each 15W LED can be chosen for Frozen with warmer (2700K) or colder (3000K) light. The direct downward-pointing beam is diffused through a convex glass lens which prevents glare. The colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 mirrors the true colour of objects without distorting them. Frozen is a versatile, high-performance light fixture which blends seamlessly into any setting, adding precise, understated accents.

Small - W30cm X D30cm X H4.3cm

Medium - W60cm X D30cm X H4.3cm