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Visionnaire bases its activity on the value of knowledge and continuing research on the concept of contemporary beauty, confirming its exceptional ability to create design projects and products of outstanding sartorial workmanship, fostering and restoring value to the skills of local artisans located across the Italian territory.

Unveiling the Art of Luxury: Visionnaire Presents an Exquisite Collection at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

Visionnaire, the renowned meta-luxury brand Made in Italy, recently unveiled its highly anticipated new collection at the prestigious Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023. With an exceptional display of design prowess, Visionnaire presented a range of stunning concepts and immersive experiences that captivated design enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Let's explore the highlights of their Volare collection and the synesthetic narrative of L'Impero dei Sensi, as well as discover where you can see the full collection.

Volare Collection: A Design Manifesto of Contemporary Living

The Volare collection by Visionnaire introduces a new residential concept that beautifully narrates a philosophy of living and embraces a sartorial approach to creating unique objects. Collaborating with esteemed designers Alessandro La Spada, Steve Leung, Mauro Lipparini, Draga&Aurel, Studiopepe, m2atelier, and Gupica, Volare goes beyond a mere collection of products to become a design manifesto for the contemporary home.

Yūgen: A Concept of Profound Beauty and Wonder

One of the standout exhibitions within the Volare collection is Yūgen, which embodies a deep appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the universe and our place within it. Drawing inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, Yūgen represents a sense of beauty that is profound, elusive and invites contemplation. It serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and our role in the vastness of the universe.

The collection features elements that create an atmosphere of openness, such as Villa D'este, Kerwan, and Babylon Rack, while other showcased units like Jet Plane, Rohan, Ca'Foscari, and Bomber exemplify living spaces that encourage the sharing of time, emotions, and spaces under one roof. Certain elements within the collection, like the Wellness Area designed by Alessandro La Spada and La Conca, and the Aubade bedroom, offer a special sense of intimacy. The Genesis quarter showcases sleek personalized textures with striking curated colors, creating a visually stunning experience.


Villa D'este




Babylon Rack


Jet Plane



Cà Foscari




L'Impero dei Sensi: A Synesthetic Narrative

In addition to the Volare collection, Visionnaire presented L'Impero dei Sensi during Milano Design Week. This synesthetic narrative, envisioned by Studiopepe (Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto), describes a capsule collection of three pieces designed for Visionnaire. The immersive installation focuses on the senses as tools for understanding the world, offering visitors a deep and intense sensory experience.

 L'IMPERO DEI SENSI | Visionnaire Home Philosophy

The Shibari chair, with its intricate woven structure, invites tactile exploration. As viewers embrace the chair, their attention is captivated by the Parade lighting system—a luminous sculpture at the heart of the space. The interplay of light and touch intertwines with the surfaces of the Blanche mirrors, revealing hidden symbolism waiting to be discovered. Complementing the experience is a video work by Varianteartistica (Flavio Pescatori and Mattia Caprara), featuring archival film materials that enhance the journey of exploration.

 L'IMPERO DEI SENSI | Visionnaire Home Philosophy 

Shibari Chair and Blanche mirrors


Parade lighting system

Visionnaire's presence at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 was nothing short of awe-inspiring

The Volare collection, with its unique concepts and immersive experiences, showcased the brand's design prowess and commitment to creating exceptional living spaces. Alongside it, the synesthetic narrative of L'Impero dei Sensi captivated visitors with its exploration of the senses. To witness the full collection and delve into Visionnaire's extraordinary world, make sure to visit Marquis Qsquare and embark on a journey through the meta-luxury brand's unparalleled designs.

Discover the Full Collection at Marquis Qsquare

Visionnaire's new collections have garnered significant attention and acclaim at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 and Milano Design Week. To fully immerse yourself in the brand's extraordinary designs, Visit Marquis Qsquare, where you can explore the complete Volare collection and experience the captivating world of Visionnaire firsthand. Witness the seamless fusion of innovation, artistry, and functionality that defines the meta-luxury brand's aesthetic.


Experience the synergy of form and function with Visionnaire's stunning creations, perfectly showcased by Marquis Singapore for your discerning taste.

2022 Collections:


The anthem is a seating program with flexible modular design and versatile, contemporary appeal.


Great attention to details, jewels that reminds of tailor-made stitches and edges, light hints to the brand. Bastian embodies the very essence of the sofa with its the aesthetic identity and the absolute comfort. Armrests and backs are the perimeter walls that welcome, embrace and protect the serenity of being. At the same time, the architectural rigor contrasts with the extremely complex compositional possibilities that are also developed by means of unexpected matching accessories. An aesthetic maturity increasingly participating in the contemporary world of design lines.


The top comes with a single slab of “invisible grey” marble. The peculiarity of the Kerwan table lies in the curvature of the marble used for the base on three sides. Steel and base stone blend optically. The two materials tensioned by concave and convex curvatures form a single double-sided element, while the mirroring surface of the curved steel reflects the surrounding environment with an optical effect. The marble top concludes the project in a sculptural way.