visionnaire Bastian-Dual Sofa

From the very first time you can feel the impact of Visionnaire new stylistic commitment through contemporary and classical forms - a further step forward in the research of new identities. The “Bastian” structure finds in strict architectural lines its composed and elegant sobriety. Nothing wants to surprise except his balance.

available in:
Central Right Element: W231cm x D95cm X H78cm
Side Left Element: W268cm x D95cm X H78cm
Left Table/Armrest: W35cm x D82cm X H45cm
Right Chaise Lounge: W158cm x D95cm X H78cm
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The top of the pyramid, the crucial value that indicates the first of the foundational concepts in the identity and philosophy of Visionnaire. Invention and creation is driven and governed by a precise cultural vision, from the production of knowledge, intellectual exchange and years of experience.