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Statements of Refinement

Fall in love with a sofa. Have an affair with leather. Lust for a coffee table in looped wood and glass. When it comes to understated quality, the artisanal designs from Marquis’s range breathe elegance and sophistication for the evolved urbanite. Knock your socks off with a dash of subtle impact today.

QSquare by Marquis

We offer customers over 22,000 square feet of designer displays to celebrate an array of unique individual tastes and styles. There are six collections, the finest names in Italian home furnishings, housed in our distinctively elegant mono-brand showrooms. From the bedroom to the study, living area to outdoor space, you will fall headlong in love with pieces that whisper refinement in your ear, and passionate desire to your heart.

100% Quality

Quality impacts you over a lifetime of a designed object. Furniture is a long-term investment, it enriches your life in countless quiet ways and lifts your surroundings to the privileged level that you deserve

Marquis QSquare has been the premium purveyor of fine furniture from Europe for over 18 years. Exacting and refined quality always assured.