EMU Cool-La

The Chiaramonte/Marin Studio, a long-standing partner of the company, has designed Cool-là, an unusual element that is impossible to define precisely. Part rocking chair, part sofa, part hideaway, the only sure thing is that it is certainly a place to relax and lull your thoughts; Cool-là has a strong visual and aesthetic impact. The steel structure is made more welcoming by the padded cushion and three-dimensional fabric cover. Every last detail has been taken into account, such as the footrest in stainless steel and Dynema ropes that ensure the rocking movement.

available in:
220 (W) x 212 (H) x 223 (D)
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With its strong Italian roots, EMU has developed an international profile and awareness throughout its 65-year history, which makes its outdoor furniture collections suitable for every situation, either in the professional or private sectors, in environments and settings with different styles.