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Stefano Cavazzana

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Born in Mestre in 1966, he graduated with honors in architecture from the University Institute of Architecture in Venice. In his study in Mestre he deals with architecture, design and business graphics.

Among the infinite criteria that contribute to the evaluation of an object as a whole, one certainly important is that referring to the possibility of conducting the design towards an increasingly higher degree of synthesis in an attempt to eliminate all that is superfluous from a functional and constructive point of view and thus obtain a formal result of great simplicity.

This rigorous design becomes an integral part of a poetic, like, personal, intimate, rigor does not prevent the changing of the signs, the contamination of languages, quotation, together with a desire to deepen a dialogue with the past, in assiduity memory that gives richness of meaning to elegance produced inevitably raise.

Moral responsibility and creative designer has become heavier, the new rules are to be found, explored new possibilities, making the language game and thinner poetic, enhancing the ability of the object or the artistic event to be heard without shouting, proposing a listen deepest thanks to a discreet presence.

We will, in short, not to exhaust the dialogue to get more permanence, more sense or perhaps more simply "to communicate messages of curiosity, amusement and affection."