Renato Forti

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In 1946 enters as a draftsman in Frangi Company of Milan and there, under the guidance of Angelo Ostuni, completed his training as an interior designer and designer. Alone or paired with Angelo Ostuni designing furniture and accessories for the Frangi collection and luminaires for O-Luce Giuseppe Ostuni, one of the fathers of modern Italian lighting.

1954 is the year of birth of the modular bookcase F54, undoubtedly his most famous piece of furniture, still in production after more than life half a century and recently welcomed into the "can Museum" Abitare magazine.

In 1965 detects a carpentry workshop, in which, while continuing in his work as a designer and decorator, produces small series of mobile Frangi collection.

In 1968 he joined the management team of the Company Frangi and for some years his commitment from the design of new furniture for their implementation and commercialization.

Finally in 1980 he closes shop and laboratory, and gives in to the MC SELVINI the manufacturing license of its most interesting furniture, engaging full-time in his professional activities.

The latest addition to the collection was the desk F2004, 2004.

Renato Forti died in Milan in 2015