Ennio Arosio

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He is a well-known designer on the Italian scene. Active in the furniture sector since the 1970s, he has worked regularly with national and international names. Arosio has designed for: Chateau d’Ax, Misuraemme, Ivano Radaelli, Roberti outdoor furnishings, IVM Office, MDF Italia. For Arosio designing means starting from an interpretation of reality and from the observation of needs and desires; it also means taking up ideas from suggestions and emotions. He believes that design is everywhere: in a rock, a drop, a smile, a sound. The designer’s task is to identify these sources of inspiration and interpret them. Arosio’s work goes along two main paths: research and everyday life. In other words, theory and practice. His creations are concrete and specifically aimed at the needs of modern life, which is constantly evolving. This is because social and cultural changes are taking place at a growing pace and tendencies are increasingly evanescent. Arosio’s projects are characterized by the neat lines of the design, his attention to detail, and his use of quality materials. He has skilfully overcome geographical and cultural barriers by combining Western pragmatism with a kind of sensitivity that is very typical of the East. A complete consultant for many furniture companies, he follows the whole creative process from research to the development of market strategies, from the definition of the products to trade fair displays, from the project to exhibition spaces to communication.