Dima Loginoff

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Dima Loginoff was born in Moscow in 1977. In 1997 he graduated from College of Hairdresser's Art in Moscow and for over 10 years has worked as a stylist. Meanwhile, in 2008 he graduated with distinction at the "International Design School" in Moscow and in the "Interior Design School" Rhodec London (UK). He received several awards including “Grand Prix Award in 2007”, Young Designer of the Year - 2010 by Elle Magazine, Dima Loginoff among the "Twelve gold" from the Russian magazine "Interio + Design", Publications in many magazines around the world, and also awards from the fashion agencies (eg. Agenda Inc., Paris and New York). In autumn 2009 Dima, along with other famous Russian designers, he took part at the charity event "STARS DRAW", whose collections have allowed the purchase of tools to develop creative abilities of children in orphanages. Today Dima Loginoff, parallel to the creation of new projects, teaches specialized courses and holds seminars.