Arthur Casas

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From inside to outside, from object to landscape, Studio Arthur Casas’ creations are intrinsically connected in a horizontal scale. Dialogue is the key for conceiving projects that range from object or a chair to an urban plan, influenced by a spirit both modern and contemporary, Brazilian and cosmopolitan.

The Studio works in several areas, including residential and commercial architecture, public competitions, interior and product design. Projects are guided by the quest for essential elements, from raw materials to refined details that showcase our concern with excellence at every scale.

From our offices in São Paulo and New York, our team works on simultaneous projects in several countries. The Studio’s portfolio has been internationally recognized by prestigious publications. Our increasing presence abroad includes built works in Tokyo, Paris, Milan and New York, or under construction, such as apartments, restaurants and private residences in China, Mexico, Uruguay and the United States.

A graduate of São Paulo’s Mackenzie University in 1983, Arthur Casas is an architect and urban planner whose work has been praised in Brazil for over tree decades. With a casual, yet elegant vocabulary he rescues the innovative tradition of Brazilian Modernism. Arthur Casas built his career starting with interior and product design, gradually incorporating larger commissions. One of his strongest characteristics is to constantly reinvent his work through an intense dialogue with his team, guided by the qualities that have given his projects broad recognition.